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Cyber Threat Application

Problem: Cybersecurity of cyber physical systems & internet of things is vital. Security is a continuous process that runs throughout and at times even beyond the life-cycle of a system. Traditional methods of security modeling miss this life-cycle-based dynamicity.

Contribution: We propose an open-source framework based on Pimca, a domain specific systems modeling language highlighting the attack surface during cyber threat analysis.

1. Research Project

Sun Tithnara N., Drouot Bastien, Golra Fahad R., Champeau Joël, Guérin Sylvain, Le Roux Luka, Mazo Raúl, Teodorov Ciprian, Van Aertryck Lionel, L’Hostis Bernard. A Domain-specific Modeling Framework for Attack Surface Modeling. In the Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP), p 341-348, SCITEPRESS, Valetta, Malta, 2020.

ICISSP2020 Poster

2. Tooling

Prototype screenshot

3. Download

Download prototype